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Punjabi cuisine today is a melange of Indo-Mughal-Persian-Afghani nuances. Explore the rich and buttery flavours of the extensive vegetarian dishes found in the region.

Revel in the true spirit of Punjab,
relish the best delicacies from Amritsar.

Amritsari Express is a premium family-styled 100 % Vegetarian North-Indian Fast Food Chain serving different Types of Amritsari Delicacies. We claim that our Kulcha’s & Chur-Chur Naan’s are one of the best in Delhi as we source the best ingredients from Amritsar itself for their preparation.

We have not only put Amritsari cuisine on the Delhi map with the opening of 8 outlets till now, but in doing so have amply paid back a tribute to the land of milk lovers, Punjab.

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The Kulcha’s legacy

One of the most famous forms of street food in Amritsar is the Amritsari Kulcha.

An Earthy

Dipped in oodles of ghee and butter, Amritsari cuisine never fails to delight. The flavors in our Kulchas comes straight from the kitchens of Amritsar, as a result you can experience the most authentic kulchas.

At Amritsari Express Premium, we strive to put amazing north-western food on your plate with all its rich flavour and authentic taste.

We plate up only the best! Farm fresh produce, whipped up by the crème de la crème of the industry.

Availability of top chefs on-board for Amritsari special cuisine.

The Food Outlet comes with premium look and experience, enhancing the over-all look of the food court.

The Kulcha Kings

We bring you wide variety of authentic buttery Amritsari Kulcha's served with chole, chutneys, pickled onion and a dollop of butter.

Let your taste buds go
balle balle!

An Insight into Amritsari Express

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